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The new ESTONIAN CRUISING GUIDE has been published

Introduction of the ECG

From the year 2013 the electronical database of the Estonian marinas and navigational conditions has been closed. During 2004-2013 this was a helpful site for those, who sailed around in the Estonian waters and visited the Estonian marinas. Now, this information can be found in the new Estonian Cruising Guide. Electronical information about the Estonian small harbours can be obtained either from the State Port Register, hold by Estonian Maritime Administration or the different homepages of the harbours.

As Estonian marinas belong to the network of the Baltic Sea marinas, data about cruising areas around the Baltic Sea is presented on the webpage, also. Please find below the overviews of the sailing areas, put together by the members of the Baltic Sea Cruising Network (BSCN). In the BSCN, Estonia is represented by NGO Estonian Cruising Association.

While using this data, please refer to the

Kati Kukk
Board member of the Estonian Cruising Association

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